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Our vision is to spread and preserve the word of our lord same as his disciples did by leading all believers to be a witness of our lord love in a way that never comes before, while our mission is to preserve the value of our presence as the current Christian living stones of the land keeping its Christian identity after huge immigration movement we faced within our local communities during the last decades, nowadays we are less than two percent of the total inhabitance of the land.

As an integral part of our vision & mission, we seek to create an interactive and continues relationship between all believers in our Lord Jesus from all over the globe and his homeland the core of our faith and roots, the land that we are all belonging to and it’s part of our daily life.

We recognize a growing desire among believers in our lord to fulfill our vision and mission, accordingly, we viewed doing so by getting the holy land to be in your hands for an everlasting opportunity behind the scenes that will transform your experience into a real encounter with our Lord Jesus.

Our vision & mission drawn by the love of our Lord

God Bless  

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