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A Bless is an autonomous and independent organization, incorporated in the Holy Land Israel by the living stones of the land, members from the modern local Christian communities that seek to emulate Christians from all over the globe about the land that became from the time of our Lord Jesus the cradle of Christianity and an integral part of all Christians, the land of prophets and prophecies and sacred by all monotheistic religions, the only land in the whole globe called holy.


Our faith and our roots belong to the land, we consider our presence in the land as guardians and holders of the Christian identity of the inheritance left by our ancestors, the stones where our Lord Jesus was born, lived and crucified, they are the places where our faith was originated and we preserve their value, the holy places however much their beauty can be admired, are not just stones they are the stones which heard the words and drank the blood of our savior.


Early believers in our Lord Jesus the original inhabitance of the land with believers that gradually came to the land in the fourth century after Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity to be the religion of the Roman Empire they were the architects of our land who build up the Christian holy land to be the core of Christianity, the holy men and women who lived in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the surrounding villages, the bishops who led the faithful in prayer, the preachers who spread the words of our Lord, the patrons who gave of their wealth, the craftsmen who cut stones for the churches and the artists who set mosaics and the sculptures in the shrines to glorify the greatness of our Lord Jesus, the builders who raised roof beams on shrines, public buildings and homes in the cities and villages, the farmers who tilled the fields, these are our ancestors and grandmasters to whom we are belonging.

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