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Holy Land Christian artisans are able to make anything out of olive wood, but only a few are specialized in crafting custom made orders with special requirements and details, just share us your idea along with ideal dimensions and any sketches you may have to assure that we understand your needs and expectations, accordingly we will select the most qualified Christian artisan who has high skills and specialized in the theme you choose to handle personally your request to get the best outcome.

A Bless expert member from the Holy Land will follow up personally your request to get you the most competitive deal that will fulfill your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction, from the moment your order is set we will share your photos and short videos following our artisan progress starting from the moment he chooses the finest selective olive wood branch, preparations, crafting and shipping to give you the opportunity of having an everlasting experience following the crafting of your most valuable religious artifact that narrates the story of your faith and encounters your relation with our Lord Jesus, it will bring peace to your heart and mind that you will be proud to share with all your beloved ones.

Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you

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