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A Bless academy was established by experts from the local Christian communities in the holy land to assist Christian believers from all over the globe to gain and develop a deep understanding of the land of our Lord Jesus that became the core of our faith and an integral part of our daily life.

A Bless programs designed by experts to give you the best educational and spiritual experience you can ever get from the Holy Land while you are in your homeland, the bible is not easy to understand since every corner in the land full with sites that many of you only read or heard about, by talking to your mind and hearts our selective team will make the Bible alive in a way that never comes before and share you a piece of engaging and accurate information that comes from studying various resources such as books and commentaries no doubt, but deeper held truth and genuine understanding comes from coupling these resources with their experience living in the land and holding its Christian identity.

Listening to the voice that springs from the living stones in our land and understands their massage is an everlasting opportunity behind the scenes that will transform your experience into a real encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ and equip you to able to spread and preserve the word of our Lord as his disciples did, to that end A Bless is a resource unlike any other.

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