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The Christian art reveals the nature of our faith in its many cultural and historical manifestations, the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity in the fourth century marks the beginning of the official Christian art which became an essential part of the church that developed a form peculiar to its needs, icons narrate the story of our faith and presents many traditions and truths, since the creation of Iconography it got a special liturgical veneration by the church due to its preoccupation with the person and role of our Lord Jesus and his followers.  


Christian art could be found in private homes, churches, and public spaces, but iconography itself is a sacred activity to inspire and illumine believers, the iconographer must be a person who leads a life of prayer and fasting inspired by the Holy Spirit so his works become itself an expression of his spiritual life, our Christian iconographers in the land of our Lord put in your hands a significant range of their works that reminds you with our lord love and bring peace to your heart and home that will always be cherished.

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